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Apps to regulate maximum numbers of visits at tourist destinations

The coronavirus is definitely changing the way of traveling and tourism. I found one interesting example that could be a pattern of the usage of modern communication tools to prevent coronavirus spread.
What is it all about?
App to regulate beach visits on the Baltic Sea coast

A new app is to help manage the flow of visitors to the Baltic Sea beaches, Schleswig-Holstein's state premier Daniel Günther announced on June 7. Visitors use the app to register their desired time slot on the beach. If there is enough space available, they will be given an access authorization. The municipality of Scharbeutz developed the system, which could now also be used by other places.

Anyway, the usage of modern communication tools could be a good model to preserve nature and overcrowded tourist destinations in the future (not only in the case of the virus times). Just thinking...
I would like to hear your comments, do you know some other examples?


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Adis Krdzalic

FH Joanneum

Institut für Bank und Versicherungswirtschaft

They are planning the same thing for National Parks in Thailand....will limit the numbers per day and entry needs to be pre-booked....we are waiting to see how this works out