Counselling/Training session done by Kasetsart University

The counselling/training sessions are a huge success!

The TOURIST student staff team of the competence center of Kasetsart University led by Mr. Jackrit, who is studying tourism and creation, conducted a survey with local officials in order to develop a 3 km long sustainable trekking trail around Pupek, 1000 years old ancient tempel.
Based on information from the survey, the team will give some advices to the local authority to develop a sustainable trekking trail. His advices will include how to make trekking marks on the trees, interesting trails without a negative impact to the environment, and safe routes. This project will support slow tourism strategy of Pinnanikom district, Sakon nakorn province, 600 km. from Bangkok.
This counselling/training session can definitely be seen as a good practice example that creates impact on sustainable tourism locally.