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What is your worst experience of this CoVid19-year?

Quote from Zhou Rukang on 21. March 2021, 20:53

Hi, For a Chinese student in Spain, the New Coronavirus has affected me in many ways. I cannot return to China because of the quarantine, I cannot get to know the culture of Spain and Europe better by traveling in the already limited time, and because of the epidemic, I have become very single-minded in my study style in only one year of my master's life, with no additional extra-curricular practice or activities. I am very confused about the prospect of entering the social workforce, and I hope we can overcome the virus sooner rather than later.


Dear Zhou, thanks also a lot for sharing your very specific perspective. Well, I guess, I can understand your disappointment. You came to Spain to make new friends, to learn new things, and now, you have to stare all day long into your computer to take part in lectures - as it happens with our students. Today, I hold a course on Health and Nature Tourism. One of your students is from Iran. So, he is to a certain extend in the same situation, but we were able to take the chance by video conference to chat, to exchange experiences, to take profit from our course - and finally learned a lot together.
Or to pick up something I have indicated in my reply on Lara's post:
Compared to many other people in the world, we are still in a great position. Well, probably you would be much happier to return home, I would understand... but wasn't there anything you were able to take with you and to enjoy here in Spain?
I was in Spain almost exactly one year ago due to the cick-off meeting of a ERASMUS+ project (MYSUN https://www.mysuncampus.eu/ ), and after returning, I started my work in quarantaine...



Ceterum censeo mutationem climae esse vincendem.

(Incidentally, I think that global warming must be defeated) 


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