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Dear partners,
As we alrealy know, coastal area is one of the major tourism destinations in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,.... Recently, the outbreak of COVID-19  halted tourism activities but however, we have a chance to review and assess our activites here. I would like to take an example in Vietnam. Last week, dolphins returned to the bay of Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Province. Usually, tourism activities such as transport, fishing, diving pushed them far of the shore. What if we can restrict the number of these activities as well as organize dolphin spotting tours which not only create a unique product but also raise awareness for marine protection. This is a typical example of how rapid and intense development of coastal area affects the nutural environment.

This is an example from my country and I look forward to see response from others.

Dear Duy, thank you for the comment. I opened a similar topic and you can check it:

I am really happy to hear such positive things...Nature is coming back!
I am looking forward to hearing other participants and their experience. 🙂

Best, Adis

Adis Krdzalic

FH Joanneum

Institut für Bank und Versicherungswirtschaft

Dear Duy and Adis, recovering nature is a very good news even if it's thanks to COVID 19. Also in Finland this discussion takes place in tourism industry forums in social media.  To continue the development requires a joint effort of public sector and business, not to forget individuals such as tourists.  One of the universities in Finland just launced a digital hackathon-style online course to find solutions to the problems tourism businesses are facing now. One of the problems set for the student groups could be how advance the positive environmental impacts of the coronavirus. It would engage younger generation in the work, and the suggestions would be forwarded for the industry and public sector decision making.

Here's one interesting article discussing coronavirus' impact on climate change - and how to address it in the post-pandemic time.


Leena Grönroos
Senior lecturer
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences

Yeah COVID-19 leave a negative impact on our lives, we can't go anywhere due to this virus, but yeah its good that nature is coming back to normal again, there is less pollution in the environment, but this pandemic situation destroy the whole world, we only need to take care of our selves and our loved ones by taking safety precautions, I also wear mask and gloves whenever I need to go outside, and I mostly prefer to buy all stuff from online stores.

By reading this I am so happy that there are people who think about nature and are giving there best to protect them. I don’t know much about my country so I can give brillassignment review but I will collect information about it and will let you know as soon as possible.