Dire warnings about the impact of Covid-19 on Thailand's Tourism Industry - Dire warnings about the impact of Covid-19 on Thailand's Tourism Industry - Network - Tourist


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Dire warnings about the impact of Covid-19 on Thailand's Tourism Industry

About one-third of tourism business operators in Thailand will run out of liquidity to keep their businesses afloat in the second half of 2020, Tourism Council of Thailand president Chairat Trirattanajarasporn has warned.


Opening up is the only way to rescue Thai tourism



It’s so sad, but realistic. The only way to survive the crisis - is definitely to learn to live with the virus. I hope so, after all this is over, we are going to come out stronger than ever...

Adis Krdzalic

FH Joanneum

Institut für Bank und Versicherungswirtschaft


Most of the or perhaps all the tourism businesses suffer from the pandemic. It is the same in Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Finland and Austria. During Europe's summer break, June - August, international visitors were partly replaced by domestic tourists. However, the consumer behaviour of domestic tourists is not the same than international tourists'. In Finland, summer was good enough in certain regions, but bigger cities and especially the capital area suffered from the lack of visitors. The occupancy rate of the hotels in Helsinki was only about 30%. Christmas and winter season in Lapland is also a question mark. European tour operators have cancelled their package holidays there. Again, can the domestic tourists compensate the missing visitor flows from various European countries. It seems, that accommodation Finns are looking for are already booked for the Christmas.