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Circular Economy

We are researching the current state of Circular Economy in the Nordic countries, especially within the hospitality industry. Circular Economy is the way of the future and there are actions that should be taken already. We presented our initial findings at the Hanoi TOURIST  conference and summarised our findings in this blog post:

We are now researching the topic further and look forward to finding some inspiring examples. Have you come across any great examples of Circular Economy in the hotel industry?

Thanks, Annika, for sharing that article about this very important issue. I am afraid that the whole subject gets its attention, if at all,  only from researchers of industrialized states. During the conference in Hanoi, almost nobody except people like Jarkko mentioned climate warming as an issue. In general, I got the impression that sustainabilty was very much conceptualized in the basic sense of the UNWTO: sustainable growth... So I wonder, how the concept of circular economy - as an instrument against climate warmung - could presented as more attractive to our partners in Viet Nam and Thailand.
I really would be pleased how you guyse are thinking about this issue from your perspective...
Thanks, Harry

Ceterum censeo mutationem climae esse vincendem.

(Incidentally, I think that global warming must be defeated) 


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Hello again! Our Circular Economy crusade continues...My colleague Leena Gronroos and I are starting our course about Circular Economy in the Tourism Industry in January. The course will be offered to all tourism students at Haaga-Helia UAS. It is all online and we are currently gathering interesting sources, engaging learning methods and material for it. We have been interviewing people working in different tourism companies, especially in the activities sector. There is a growing awareness of circular economy within the sector, but a lot more could be done. That is why we are very excited to get our eager students involved:) During the course, they will be creating circular solutions to tourism companies. We will keep you posted on the developments. At least the response from the industry has been positive so far. There is strong interest for creating solutions for energy, communication and recycling issues that relate to circular economy.