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Cheap COVID-19 Test can help Tourism?

Hi dear people,

Cheap COVID-19 test is coming...
New COVID test will cost only $5, and runs on a simple card that uses the same technology as a pregnancy test.

What do you think, whether it can improve the situation in tourism industry? Cheaper tests will probably motivate many travelers to travel easier than before...

Abbott's Fast, $5, 15-Minute, Easy-to-Use COVID-19 Antigen Test Receives  FDA Emergency Use Authorization; Mobile App Displays Test Results to Help  Our Return to Daily Life; Ramping Production to 5... | 27.08.20 |

Adis Krdzalic

FH Joanneum

Institut für Bank und Versicherungswirtschaft

I just saw this kit first time, I didn't know about it,

it will show an accurate result? means it accuracy is correct,

it really seems a good kit for travelers, actually, not only for travelers all people, but we also can use it at home also if don't wanna go lab.

I am only waiting for its vaccination.


Few days ago, India has approved the use of a new type of fast corona test. It looks like a pregnancy test. Hopefully, gonna help us.

Austria to roll out free home coronavirus testing from March!


Adis Krdzalic

FH Joanneum

Institut für Bank und Versicherungswirtschaft