2nd TOURIST Training – Ho Chi Minh City

In the week from of the 10th of December 2018 the 2nd TOURIST training take place in Ho Chi Minh City.

The first important part was to continue to talk about the pledge of all partners for the competence centers which were concepted at the first training in October. So the training started with the continuation of an activity which was started in the 1st training. The second training fully concentrated once more on the core topic of the TOURIST project “sustainable tourism” and put it in connection to other essential topcis such as communication, conflict management and branding. All sessions combined theory and practical excercises to show how the topics can be further spread to all target groups of the project.

Additional topics were amongst others sustainable communication of sustainable tourism, conflict management to enhance sustainable tourism development and destination brand image communication which were widely discussed by all participants. With the training implemented, the network among the partners was strengthened and interactive exchange on a national and international basis was conducted.

With the help of all partners the 2nd TOURIST was implemented successfully.