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Useful training material on "Quality management approach for sustainable tourism"

Dear Colleagues,

a useful source for training material about "Quality management of sustainable tourism" for you and your competence centers may be the following link:

It is the result of the Life-long-learning project "QualiTour" of the EU, of which the FH JOANNEUM (including a certain Harry) has been partners. I did some of the pilot courses, which were very nice. So try it out. I would be pleased if this could support your trainings.

Bye, Harry

PS: Other languages of the course:

Ceterum censeo mutationem climae esse vincendem.

(Incidentally, I think that global warming must be defeated) 


Prof. (FH) Mag. Mag. Dr. Harald A. Friedl
Assoc. Professor for Sustainability and Ethics in Tourism
Institute for  Health and Tourism Management
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8344 Bad Gleichenberg, Austria
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