2nd TOURIST Conference in Bangkok, Thailand

We are delighted to announce that the TOURIST project in cooperation with the Kasetsart University, Thailand will organize and host the conference – Shaping a better future, in Bangkok, Thailand.

After the 1st TOURIST conferences held in Hanoi, Vietnam last year, the 2nd TOURIST conference will take place in Bangkok and hosted by the Faculty of Business Administration, Kasetsart University. The conference will take place on April 20th -21st, 2020 at Menam Riverside Hotel.

The goal of the conference is to provide a lively and informal venue where a variety of questions and ideas regarding sustainable tourism can be presented and discussed by academics and other professionals in an interdisciplinary and creative environment. The focus will be on the current sustainable tourism theories and practices experienced by practitioners in different contexts implying the role of sustainable tourism in contributing to the development in social, economic, and environmental perspectives.

For all guests who are not able to participate in the conference, due to extraordinary circumstances and COVID-19, the links for online parallel sessions will be available on our Website and Facebook page.

The conference agenda can be found here.

We are looking forward to the upcoming conference.